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Estimator - Hong Kong Air Freight Cost Calculator

Please read below instructions before use !

Input the goods quantity:             
Input the unit cost (in USD):        
Input the unit weight (in gram):   
Input the clearing import charges (in USD):
Select the importing country:

Instructions :

1  The results are just estimation , they are not exact values. All data here are for reference only.

2 The carton weight is added to the estimation against a packing of 20kg .

3 If your goods are bulk in volume, the estimator is not suitable.

4 Cost is estimated against a minimum weight of 50 kg by air-forwarder from Hong Kong .

5 Clearing charges can be all charges getting the goods from airport to your place like doc+delivery charges in total

   amount . (For example USD200. or USD330. )

6 Yip Shing has no responsibility against the accuracy of the results ,

    users have to confirm the costing against forwarders and re-check himself.

7 This is copyright protected , user can only use the estimator in www.yipshing.com.hk freely.  

8 A more powerful windows version of estimator is under developing.

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Last Modified : 2014/05/15


Programmed by Kavin Leung