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General Rubber Properties Chart 1

The below information are for reference only ,for new products, our experience with similar applications can be helpful.

Elastomer Natural Neoprene Nitrile Silicone SBR EPDM Viton @R
Tensile Strength E VG VG G-F G-F VG G
Compression Set G G-F G VG G G VG
Tear Strength E G-F G-F F-P F G-F G
Resilience E VG G-F G G-F G F
Abrasion Resistance E E E P VG VG G-F
Weathering  Resistance F-P VG G-F E F E E
Low Temp Limit -10- -50F -10- -50F 30F- 40F -67F- -150F 0F- -50F -20F- -60F 10F- -10F
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Last Modified : 2014/05/15